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Nurse Patrick Preston

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Name:Nurse Patrick Preston
Birthdate:Dec 12
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

Patrick Preston
Birthdate: 12th December
Occupation: Nurse Practitioner (Surgical and Anaesthesia)
Sexuality: Gay
Significant Other: Husband, Aiden Lewis
Family: Parents and older brother, William in London, England. Identical twin brother, Cameron, in Liverpool, England.
Likes: The color pink, manicures, dancing & clubbing, parties, cocktails, chick flicks, leather pants (both on him or on other gay men)
Dislikes: Flesh of animals, people who pick their nose, sport, too many muscles, cats
Nicknames: Pat, Patto, Patsy

PERSONALITY: Patricks’s personality has always guaranteed his – and his family’s – life is never quiet. Patrick is bright and cheerful, and very little actually phases him. Patrick is excitable and he is often found to be talking a mile a minute. He has many friends and an active social life. Patrick will often be the life of the party and believes life should be a delicate mix of hard work and fun. Patrick is as gay as they come, and this is illustrated by his penchant to wear pink nursing scrubs at work, or the often carefree addition of brightly colour highlights in his hair. He has a love of all things trendy and fashionable, and the brighter the colour, the better.

At times, he can be a little in your face, and he definitely harbours an arrogant/confident streak. He is proud of who he is and is not afraid to show it. He’s touchy feely person by nature, but won’t show it until he knows the person is comfortable with such contact. He adores hugs and cuddling up to his closest friends watching movies on the sofa. And yes, he will cry in all the necessary parts to the point his friends bring Kleenex along with the pizza and popcorn. Patrick is a strict vegetarian, and cannot stand the attraction to eating animal flesh. However, he won’t push his views on others, and expects the same courtesy in return. Patrick smokes, though not heavily, and he knows it’s contradictory being a healthcare worker, but he has no interest in quitting anytime soon. In fact, without nicotine, Patrick can get quite irritable and cranky, so people are happy to leave him and his addiction alone.

BACKGROUND: Haling from London, England, Patrick is one of a pair of identical twins. He and his brother, Cameron, however, couldn’t be more different if they tried. To put it bluntly, Patrick is screaming gay. He knew what way he swung from a very young age, and his parents always tried to nurture that side of him. Where his twin brother was as straight as an arrow, an English football star, and as masculine as they come, Patrick was outrageous, an extrovert, and had a yearning to be a hairdresser when he grew up. His career plans dramatically changed when his brother broke his knee in a high school football final and needed to undergo extensive surgery to fix the damage. Patrick had been strangely fascinated by the hospital setting and decided he would look good in surgical scrubs. The rest was history.

Although dearly loyal to his home country, Patrick was always a free spirit and moving out of the country always piqued his interest. Patrick and a bunch of his best friends took a trip to Las Vegas after their High School graduation, and while they were there, he looked into the options for studying nursing in the USA. As a bit of a laugh, he applied for a few schools and was shocked to find himself accepted to Columbia University’s School of Nursing. It sealed the deal on his career path, and he moved overseas a short time later. Patrick completed his Masters of Science in Nursing and graduated as a qualified Nursing Practitioner, with a specialty of Anesthesia.

Patrick worked in a few hospitals following his graduation, but found himself poached from his previous job by Princeton Hospital. Their Anesthesia Nurse Practitioner had retired and Patrick was offered the chance of an interview, and then landed the job. He recently moved from Virginia to Princeton and it didn’t take him long to find his feet in his new setting.

In June 2007, Patrick's best friend, Lachlan Campbell accepted a job at Princeton Hospital and moved overseas to be with his friend. Everything went smoothly for a few months with Patrick enjoying watching his best friend fall in love with his soul mate, Tara Brennan (now Tara Campbell) until Pat fell seriously ill in the following September with a brain hemorrhage. After a long recuperation, Patrick was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, sending both his personal and professional life into uncertainty. Pat now continues to learn how to live with the illness and soon met and fell in love with trendy Marketer and Publicist, Aiden Lewis. Aiden proposed to Pat on Valentine's Day in 2009, and in April, took Pat to Vancouver in Canada to meet his parents. Whilst there, the couple decided to get married on the spur of the moment, eloping in a small ceremony with Aiden's family as witnesses. The couple now live together in the Upper East Side of New York when Patrick decided to be the one to make the move due to Aiden's company being in the City. He works in Anesthetics at Mount Sinai Hospital, where his best friends, Tara and Lachlan, also work now.

Patrick exists for PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

ICON CREDIT: All Patrick's icons here are so old, I've lost track of who owns them. If you know who to credit, drop me a line and I'll add it.
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